Green Tips

Get the latest about how to incorporate a little green into your life!

Biodegradable Cat Litter

Instead of using regular cat litter, opt for one made from newspaper, pine, corn or wheat – they are easy to clean, biodegradable and don’t contain harsh chemicals and carcinogens.

Celebrate a Green Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate a Green Valentine’s Day: give eco-friendly chocolates, send a wildlife card, buy locally grown flowers … Go to for lots of great & green ideas!

Super Bowl party tips!

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party: buy snacks and drinks in bulk with minimal packaging; recycle your bottles & cans; use plates made from recycled materials or better yet – use reusable ones instead; borrow or rent your decorations – it will save you $ and storage space.

Make good use of your lawn clippings and falling leaves!

Make good use of your lawn clippings and falling leaves by starting a composting pile this year! There is nothing better you can do for your plants and landscape that adding a layer of compost and mulch once or twice per year. It helps feed the soil, deters weeds and retains moisture! Check out my recent Composting Article from the San Jose Mercury News!