Green Tips

Get the latest about how to incorporate a little green into your life!

Repurpose items for crafty projects!

Per, repurposing items can be economical and eco-friendly. Egg cartons make great paint wells for art projects, work well as seed starters, or can be used as treasure boxes or many other crafty projects.


Bath vs. Shower? You may know the answer.

The California Energy Commission estimates that taking a bath uses 30-50 gallons of water. An average shower, of just four minutes (even with an old shower head), uses just 20 gallons. In order to conserve one of our most precious resources, install a low-flow showerhead which uses just 10 gallons – a whopping 50% reduction in water consumption!


Save on Water Bill by installing Smart Irrigation Controller

Per installing a “smart irrigation controller” and outdoor moisture sensors in your yard can save up to 92% on your outdoor watering costs. Sensors placed in the driest part of the yard will detect when an acceptable amount of moisture has been delivered and tell the sprinkler system to shut off. Most cities offer rebates on these devices.


Organic Gardening = Healthy Soil!

Practicing organic gardening will make a significant difference in the health of your soil! According to research at Colorado State University, one teaspoon of compost-rich organic soil can host up to1 billion helpful bacteria. A teaspoon of chemically treated soil hosts as few as 100. Now that’s a great incentive to get that compost and mulch laid down, isn’t it?


Green Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, give your Mom an eco-friendly arrangement of cut flowers from your garden or a nice bouquet from your local Farmer’s Market. According to, more than 70 percent of the world’s cut flowers come from South America. Many are grown using toxic chemicals, unfair labor practices and excessive watering practices – not to mention the fuel used to ship them here. If you need to send flowers look for a retailer that sells sustainably grown, organic options.