Green Tips

Get the latest about how to incorporate a little green into your life!

Use Creative Expensive Wrapping Paper

Instead of buying expensive wrapping paper – give unique and creative presents wrapped in old maps, sheet music, magazine covers, the comic strips or sports pages from your local newspapers – even your children’s art pages… You can also use reusable shopping bags versus gift bags for a gift that “keeps on giving”.

Recycle Paper Towels

If every household in the U.S. purchased just 1 roll of recycled paper towels, we would save over 500K trees per year – look for: PCF (processed-chlorine- free) brands.

Buy Local and Organic for your Holiday Feasts!

Buy local and organic for this year’s Holiday Feasts. Freshly harvested produce tastes much better, is more nutritious and is way more eco-friendly than produce that is shipped in from around the globe. Buying from local farmer’s market & produce stands not only helps support the local economy – you might make some great new friends who are out working tirelessly to grow organic, sustainable food that both we & the planet can live with!

Indoor Plants to Combat Indoor air Pollution

Surround yourself with indoor plants that combat indoor air pollution. Some of the best options are:  peace lily, English Ivy, spider plant, rubber plant, Golden pothos, chrysanthemum, Gerbera daisy, Warneck dracena and Chinese evergreen.

Save those coffee ground as use as a scrub!

Save those coffee grounds – they can be used as a scrub to clean grease from pots & pans. Or put them in a bowl in the fridge to absorb odors; and my personal favorite – sprinkle them around your plants to add a natural nitrogen boost!